how to take care of relax hair and prepare for transitions?

i was wondering if someone can give me some tips in helping my mother transition to natural hair. she just got a relaxer 2 weeks ago. she has more hair in the front than on the back. the back would look like it just went through a big chop (in a visual way). i was thinking i could blow-dry her hair in the front but don't know what to do in the back, its very short. the front of the hair has no natural growth (yet)... please help 

1 Answer

Instead of blowdrying to wear it straight, it might work better for her to start trying out curly hairstyles that will blend better visually with the hair in the back. Bantu knot-outs, twists and twist outs and braids or braid outs are some styles she could try. If the back is long enough to flat-braid or do any of these style that's good, but even if its still too short, it will blend in better with the rest of the hair if she does curly styles. You can also do finger coils or comb coils on the hair in the back if it's shorter all-natural hair: Just be sure to keep the hair moisturized, especially in the back and for any new growth. You can also do finger coils or comb coils on the shorter hair.More tips: how-to videos: more of these on youtube by searching for the specific name of the hairstyle and your mom's hair type, like: "braid out on 3c hair") I hope that helps!