How to tell my dad gf I wanna stick to transitioning?

I just started transitioning. And in the summer Ik its probably gonna be over. My dad always let his gf perm our hair and she never wanna listen to what we say. She flat iron our hair 24/7. And might force me to get a perm what do i do ?

2 Answers

Can u sit down with your dad and his gf and show them information about natural hair? Show them how many people are doing it and how normal and accepted it is now? Show pix of beautiful natural hair.Might work. :)
you should tell her its your choice what you want done to "your" hair. she may be okay with it or she'll still try to make you get a perm because that's the only way she thinks you'll look presentable "which is wrong". I've been in this exact situation the badgering didn't stop until it was known i could look presentable with natural hair and i could take care of it myself.