What should I do?!

So, When I was younger(around 6/7 years ago) I had curly hair(which you can see), but then it started getting tangled and my mum decided to relax my hair, then my curls came loose and then after a while disappeared so I haven't relaxed my hair since the middle of July and even then I could see my curls coming back from the back of my hair (new growth) and my roots, I have not relaxed my hair or straightened since as I want my curls.  Can anyone help me what products and DIY hair masks I can use as I don't want to do the big chop. I'm already using coconut oil shampoo and conditioner with soft n free curl activator moisturiser. Also can someon please tell me the type of curls I had when I was younger but now I'm older I have longer hair, what it would be.. Thanks!

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