What should i do?

Hi, my hair is a 3c type with super hiper mega high porosity, it is always dry, high density and the width is mixed, it have medium and fine hair.Plus, i am new in this, i am from Panama and we dont have to many information about our natural hair. The last time i relaxed my hair was the 12 of July 2014. What should i do? i sent to buy shea moisture in curlmart but i dont know if it gonna work.How should i style my hair? i always put it in a tail to go to work. I have curlformers but... it not  stay like the girls on the video.And on top of all in the midle of my hair is something rare.

2 Answers

If you are still transitioning begin by deep conditioning every week. You also need great detanglers since it will be difficult to mange the relaxed part of the hair. In my transition I did not use heat, I let it air dry. I've never used curl formers, my stile of choice was the braid out, that way my entire hair looked the same. The butter will be great as a sealer, use the LOC method.
Trail and Error. You gotta try stuff and not get discouraged when something doesn't work out. I didn't know what worked for me for a while, but that was exciting. Trying different things out, DIYing stuff. I say start with the LOC method. LOC Method: The Routine EVERY Curly Should Know