I am 7 months pregnant,How do I care for my new growing hair without doing the big chop ?

Earlier this year , I decided to textlax my hair . Didn't end up how I wanted it to . I am currently 7 months pregnant and Not sure if my prenatal help my hair growth. When I apply products such as oil or a leave in conditioner and flat twist it, my hair becomes more straight instead of curly . I use Shea Moisture restorative conditioner and this makes my hair as if my hair type was 3a-3b(when wet). My hair seems to be brittle and is shedding . I've considered doing the big chop , but I'm not ready for that. Since I've been using Doo Grow Mega Thick Oil, my natural hair has been growing . It seems like 4b type of curls . I am not sure how to care for my hair or even what to do . I need some advice as well as recommendations as to what products I should use .  

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