I am 7 months into my transition and the back of my hair is so broken and damaged. Any suggestions?

3 Answers

you need to deep condition your hair with heat. If you haves trimmed your ends it is time to do so. Don't forget to moisturized and cover your hair at night. If you have to, moisturized and braid that part of your hair until the next morning.
Can you give more details? What is the damage like? Does your hair feel drier back there? Thinner? Are you using heat to straighten your hair through your transition or are you doing heatless curly hairstyles?If you are using heat, it could be breaking from heat damage. I would suggest that you give your hair a rest from it and allow it to grow by doing braids and twists or bantu knots and then taking them out to reveal a curly style or if you like you could try leaving in the braided/twisted styles (not with extensions because those put extra weight on your hair and can cause breakage). These can serve as a protective style that doesn't require you to keep manipulating your hair daily to style it since that too can cause damage. Be sure to still moisturize and care for your hair even if its in braids or twists.You may also be experiencing the kind of breakage that is almost inevitable at the line of demarkation, where your relaxed/processed/straight hair meets your natural curls. I second @LoCurly's tips to be sure to keep your hair moisturized by moisturizing everyday, using a moisturizing sulfate free shampoo and/or a really moisturizing conditioner/wash like the III Sisters of Nature Cleansing Co-Wash (so moisturizing, it's hardly a wash!), deep condition at least once a week or every other wash and cover your hair with a satin scarf or cap at night so that your hair isn't rubbing against the pillowcase, because that can also cause breakage.I hope that helps!
it's the back of my hair that I lay down on. It is much drier back there I have switched to co washing once a week and moisturizing with coconut oil and sleeping with a satin bonnet and satin pillow case but it still seems to be so dry.