I am just realizing the beauty of my curl but I have hair damage at the ends of my hair on one side

I am finally realizing the beauty of my curls but I have damaged alot of my hair by straightening my hair through the years. My hair is really long when straight and I do have more curl then damage so I do not want to do the BIG CHOP, but I am considering doing some kind of cut next year when my new growth gets longer.Since my hair is mostly damaged and straight on one side of my head, what deep conditioning treatments could I use, homemade or store bought, to help my straight ends get any better or even get a curl back. Any suggestions???I have 3b/3c hair and do braid-outs in order to create a tamed curl. I can not do wash and go's because my hair is straight on the right side on the ends. Please Help

1 Answer

Do not stress, the exact same thing has happened to me, I feel your pain! But the thing that really saved me was Maroccan Oil (not quite sure how to spell it haha), now the trick is to actually put a generous amount of the stuff all over your hair, especially on the damaged part - it will be looking healthier in no time :) after you've applied it, I recommend using a curling mousse and to just take a handful and scrunch it into your hair; this will help your curls (even the straight damaged part!) to look more defined and hold their shape for longer :) I wasn't brave enough to cut mine off, but if you got the guys then that's an easy option! :) Hope I helped, best of luck