I am just realizing the beauty of my curl but I have hair damage at the ends of my hair on one side

I am finally realizing the beauty of my curls but I have damaged alot of my hair by straightening my hair through the years. My hair is really long when straight and I do have more curl then damage so I do not want to do the BIG CHOP, but I am considering doing some kind of cut next year when my new growth gets longer.Since my hair is mostly damaged and straight on one side of my head, what deep conditioning treatments could I use, homemade or store bought, to help my straight ends get any better or even get a curl back. Any suggestions???I have 3b/3c hair and do braid-outs in order to create a tamed curl. I can not do wash and go's because my hair is straight on the right side on the ends. Please Help

1 Answer

You're hair doesn't look to strait it's really beautiful. I recomend trying Bantu knots if you want really nice curl definition check out YouTube they have plenty of great videos for them. I think that if you do want your hair to grow nicely into new curls you really should at least trim the ends a bit, that will give your hair a little more curl and help its growth and overall health. You're right on the moisture though most curls do need a good deep condition once a week or so. When you first start deep conditioning you should probobly go to the salon and fet are really good one but make sure it's sulfate and silicon free! Then after a really good professional conditioning you can do them at home there is a variety of great deep conditioners including mayonaise beer avacodo eggs honey coconut oil and olive oil based deep conditioners do a little research and find the mix that works best for you. Gook luck I hope this helped