I was Born with curly hair but now it's damaged, wavy/straight on top

hi, I was born with curly hair all over, when I was younger. Then I started straightening my hair a lot in kindergarten (age 5) yes kindergarten. That damaged my hair a lot , I use to straighten it a lot after that. Now I'm 14 and I want my curls back so bad

1 Answer

Brianna_bri,Leaving the heat alone will help but know that hair changes over time and it may just be that your hair is simply growing in straighter than when you were younger. To get your curls back, if they are there and you are simply dealing with heat damage then you will just need to enlist in healthy hair practices and rock curly styles until all the heat damaged strands are gone. You can trim (or cut) away the heat damaged strands but leaving heat alone, using moisturizing products and using styles that give you the curls you crave until those curls come back are your best bets. 2 PERFECT STYLES FOR HEAT-DAMAGED HAIRhttp://www.seriouslynatural.org/2014/10/2-perfect-...