Why do I have so much breakage?

so i've stopped using heat, or at least i'm trying to because i have a lot of heat damage. I havent big chopped or trimmed yet at all and i never had a relaxer put into my hair so i've always been natural and im just trying to get my curl pattern back. Anyways everytime i comb my hair whether its in the shower with conditioner, dry combing, or combing it when it's damp there's always a lot of my hair that comes out. Mostly breakage and it's straight. Im just wondering if its because i have staight ends?

1 Answer

When you have curly hair, it tends to get more tangled/knotty faster than any other hair type because when the curls are pushed against eachother, they become tangled. The average human loses up to 80-100 hairs a day. Usually it you have straight hair it will just fall right out, but with curly hair, the curls get tangled with the others through the process of falling out. How often do you comb your hair? Usually if you don't comb your hair everyday, the hair that didn't fall out yet will stay on your head. When you finally get the chance to comb, it will seem like your shedding a lot of hair, but don't worry about it! It's great that you've stopped using heat, but if you want to make your hair even healthier, use oils (argon oil, coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil [not the cooking olive oil!]) and I suggest before going to bed every night, flip your head over (bend down so your head is facing the ground) and massage an oil into your scalp for 3 or 4 minutes. The blood flow to your head will help grow out your hair, and while rubbing the oils will help make it healthier. Don't expect to see amazing results the next day! It will take a couple weeks to see results. DO NOT DRY COMB. That may be one of the reasons why you're hair is breaking. Dry combing is bad for you hair only because you're ripping through your hair when it's already dry. As a result you'll have dry, broken, and frizzy hair. Always comb in the shower (with conditioner on) and when you hair is damp (with a leave-in conditioner). Always remember to start combing from the tips of your hair to the top of your hair to prevent breakage.Don't wait to go to a hair salon! Get a pair of hair scissors or REALLY SHARP scissors to trim your ends. If your kind of nervous about trimming your hair, just do it little by little. Cut off an inch (or more, depending on how comfortable you are) then wait for your hair to grow out a little more. Than cut off another inch (and so on, and so forth). If you're courageous, definitely do the big chop at a hair salon for black hair (curly hair).Hope this helped,Danielle