How do I care,style my hair? What do I do?

Hi! Well, so I need help asap. My hair is definitely a mix of textures between 2c,3a and 3b. When I was a kid my hair was so beautiful, the curls were perfectly arranged, it seriously didn't looked real. However, as I began to grow my hair obviously, started changing. It got much thicker and the texture began to get a bit confusing, and also when I was kid I used to have very long hair but then I started getting really short haircuts. Unfortunately when  I was about thirteen I started to straighten my hair,until now, I'm sixteen now, every now and then when It was summer i used to let my hair be curly and care for it, but i always ended up straightening it. Although,now I want to embrace my curls for good! I want to care for them but they are a mess! Right now, my hair it's shoulder length, but when it's dry it tends to get shorter. My hair looks weird, because for example when sometimes i pass my fingers through some of my curls they go straight and do not turn to curl! i have tried everything in the past week to style it, but nothing seems to work to tame the curls to let them without frizz!Please, help a fella out.

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