should i chop off my damaged hair.. or just continue with my long term transitioning.

should i just continue with transitioning or just cut off the damaged ends. and also what are some nice hair do's for my type of transitioning because its very hard for me cause my hair is thinning out.

1 Answer

Do whatever you are most comfortable with. I chose to cut it off because it gave me only one hair texture to care for and since I was trying to learn to love my curls I decided to just dive in. I had bad frizz days and all sorts of hair messes while I learned but it was worth it, I love my hair now! I think your curl pattern, what I can see of it, looks gorgeous and you will rock it!  I got a lot of those little clips from target and pinned back my bangs to make half up do's or rolled them back and clipped them. You can use them to make fake up do's. I also ordered a bunch of hair wraps from spellboundbows on etsy and they are a life saver when my hair will not cooperate with me!