How often should I clip my ends ?

I'm new to wearing my natural hair and I dont know how often I should trim my ends

2 Answers

Hi, there's no definite answers here. Some like to trim their ends every 6 to 8 weeks some less than once a year. It's depends on you and your hair. Take a good look to your ends : do you have a lot of split ends ? thinning ends ? fairy knots ? Do the ends of your hair doesn't feel a soft as the rest of your hair ? Do you feel that tangles do concentrate at your ends ? If yes then it might be time to trim, if not just leave it alone unless you want to maintain the shape and the length of a hair cut for example. My hair for example isn't particularly damaged so twice a year is enough.
Hi,You can trim your hair once in 2 months or when you feel your hair ends are damaged or rough you can trim your hair.