How do I get my curls back?

I have naturally 3c curls and about 3 months ago I made the biggest mistake ever and put the Keratin treatment in my hair. It made it bone straight. I have been washing my hair about 3 times a week to get my curls back and now I have a mixed texture. My roots and certain parts of my hair are curly but then I still have some bone straight patches. My hair is also super thin now. I can see my curls growing back at the root but I am afraid I may have to do a big chop in order to get them back. My hair is down to my mid back in length. I have been using cantu shea butter for the longest but I feel maybe there is something better I can be using. 

2 Answers

Hey girl. About two years ago, I got a keratin treatment as well. My curl pattern never came back, and I had to cut it all out of my head. The Keratin treatments are very strong and are not supposed to be permanent but unfortunately I never got my curl pattern back. Although you do not have to do a big chop , I gradually cut off my ends until all of the Keratin was gone. Hopefully this helps.
You going to have to let it grow out or cut it. Also I wouldn't wash so many times a week unless you are experiencing major build up. Maybe just co-wash and deep condition. You are going to have to give it time but it will grow back and curl again.