How Can I Get My Curls Back Without The Big Chop?

I'm 13 and I've been straightening my hair for years now, but I really want my curly hair back. My hair use to be around a mix of a 3b and a 3c but now when I let it go curly it just frizzes up because of all the heat damage . I get scared when I hear about the big chop and I know it will take awhile, but what do I need to do to get my curls back? 

1 Answer

If you don't want to big chop, then you'll have to transition. Basically, you'd be growing your hair out... but slightly harder. The damage you have might make it hard(er) to do certain things with your hair - like styling, detangling, etc. This may be especially hard if you don't know any other styles to do because it's HIGHLY advised that you don't just continue straightening your hair throughout your transition . You'll also probably have to get regular trims as the heat damage that's happened - especially if you have split ends - may travel up the hair and start to damage the natural hair. I'm not sure how severe your heat damage is, but you can try protein treatments to see if it can improve the situation of you curls, but definitely make sure to get some deep conditioners.