How do i keep my curls for a longer period of time and how can i keep/make them healthy

I have 2c/3a hair and i been putting heat on my hair for abou 7 or 8 years and i had so much breakage and heat damage. I was dyeing my hair on top of that so i had chemical damage too. I just recently cut all the damaged hair off and keeping away from any heat at all. But when i wash my hair i notice it gets super frizzy really fast and the curls dont last long at all. I know i still have to repair my hair but is their anything i can do or buy to help the process? Or at least maintain the curls for a longer time? 

1 Answer

Condition. Condition a lot. And when you think you definitely conditioned enough, condition a little bit more.Every time I shampoo, I detangle with a detangler beforehand and I deep condition with a masque. Every time I co-wash with a cleansing conditioner, I detangle with a daily rinse-out conditioner (you know, normal conditioner) afterward. After either of these routines, I squish in a cream-type leave-in conditioner. I also spray my hair with a mix of 8-12 oz water and 2-3 tbsp. detangler (the gel or cream kind) every morning until it is wet (this mix lasts me 7-10 days, to get an idea of how wet), then style it (arrange it, accessorize it, part it, scrunch it) with no heat. It dries in the 45 minutes between then and arriving at work, and there is no frizz.