Will I ever get my curls back to what they used to be? 2b/2c right now used to be 3a/3b.

So I used to have between 3a/3b hair when I was younger but I started to straighten my hair almost every day when I was in 6th grade and stopped towards the beginning of 11th grade. Right after I stopped I had wavyish and straightish hair for the most part. I even cut my hair about 2 inches below my ears to cut off the damaged parts and kind of get a restart. Now I am in the middle of my senior year and have gotten my curls back a lot more in the top of my hair I also cut my hair short before school started this year and it has grown to my shoulders. But what I have noticed is no matter how many times I have cut it or it has grown out the bottom of my hair stayed straight/wavy! It looks like I have all curly hair if you only see the top but if I put my hair up it is extremely straight at the bottom! Will I ever get my 3a/3b hair back? 

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