I had curly hair as little now I have wavy hair. How can I get my curls back if it's possible

1 Answer

Your hair pattern might have changed during puberty because of hormones. If so you can't change it.If your pattern changed because of heat and chemical abuse. Then this one is simple stop using heat, brushes and hard chemicals on your hair. Get a short haircut or cut it a considerably until a length you are confortable with and wait for the new hair to grow and see how it behaves.The only way to know which is your case is to try CG and wait to see how it behaves. Not often the curls disapear due to hormones, they sometimes become looser. For example my cousin was a 3b/3c as a kid and now she is a more 3a/2c partly because it changed during puberty and partly for the way she treats it. So wait to see if your curls are still there :)