Could I curly perm my hair just once and let my own natural curls grow out the perm ?

it's been around 3 months since i last relaxed my hair. whenever my curls grow I end up brushing them out due to the fact I do not own a wide tooth comb, yet.  I think my hair is a 3C/3B and i was wondering if I could get a curly perm (just once, no touch ups) with the same type as my natural curls so my hair can end up growing out the perm ? That way I'd end up treating my hair as if my whole hair is naturally curly just like it use to be. Is this a good or a bad way to transition ?

3 Answers

Honestly, it doesn't matter what anyone else's opinion is, do what's easy for you. If you're not comfortable dealing with different textures, do what you gotta do so you're comfortable with it :) However, the natural way to go when you're transitioning and don't wanna deal with two textures is to big chop but that's clearly off the table for you. Whatever. Happy growing :)
I hope someone can answer this soon because I have just about the same idea as you ! 
My main concern would be for the damage it may cause. From my understanding, perm uses just as many chemicals as relaxer and you're not supposed to go over relaxed hair again. I wonder if that applies to not putting perm over relaxer as well.