Even though i cut off my damage, ihave a few heat damaged strands the curl at the top&bottom?

My curl pattern is 3c/4a. I had my damage cut off and i started using more natural curly girl product for my hair and started using things like coconut oil. Anyways , when i wash my hair, i have about 3 or 4 parts that curl at the root and are straight at the middle and kinda curl at the end. I hate it because it ruins my hair styles because the rest of my hair is curly and heathy yet frizzy. I want to have a professional cut it but i'm scared they will get scissor happy . Also i'm scared to do that because like i said, it's only a few curls. I've been doing deep conditioners and they do help, and they even helped my hair grow. but i really want these little damaged looking parts gone and bouncy again. Any tips? What do i do? 

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