Do I have the face shape to rock a twa??????

I have relaxed hair at the moment and am feeling the urge to transition and have an natural hair cut and would love to rock a twa. The thing is I don't want to regret it and would love to know if it would look good on me.

3 Answers

Hi Shelly4256,I personally think you would look fabulous with a TWA. Since you're already used to short hair that would help. Before you transition and Big Chop, make sure you are okay with not having bangs or any hair hanging in your face. That is the biggest difference. Until your natural hair is much longer it probably isn't going to hang in your face or frame your face in the way you are used to even when its long enough for a twist out or other stretched style. This is really the biggest deciding factor, I think. If you aren't comfortable with your hair pulled back out of your face completely so that your entire face and face shape shows, you will most likely not like the way you look with a TWA, at least at first. I liked it immediately and then got tired of it, but after growing my hair out, now I actually prefer to rock a very closely cropped TWA because of how it shows off my whole face shape. Keep in mind too that you can always grow it a bit longer in the transition phase and then Big Chop into a tapered cut instead of an even cut all around. Your hair doesn't need to be that long, you just need to cut the sides and back shorter than the top. Since you're used to bangs you might like how a tapered cut looks. I know I enjoyed having one. tapered cuts: hope that helps!
I think it's worth a shot trying to rock a TWA. I've been where you were wearing relaxed hair almost three years ago and went for a TWA. Now it's longer and I'm loving it. I think you will enjoy having a TWA. It's made me feel free and very liberated. Enjoy your journey being natural!!! 
yes!!!!!!!!!!! you will look amazing with a thing about you is that you have a oval shaped face which goes good with almost any style so i say go for it love