How do I fix my damaged hair

I don't even know if I count as transitioning. I'm really new to this. I have 3b hair (just did the quiz) and I would only wear my hair straight. I wasn't seeing any damage to my hair because I was careful about it but, I had blonde highlights put in and things changed. Now while my hair is still very curly at the roots it's bone straight at the ends. I have been wearing my hair naturally curly for maybe 9 months but it feels bone dry by the end of the of the day and I can't do anything with it unless i completely drench it first. I have no idea what products to use I don't know how to style curly hair. I've never worn it curly my entire adult life. Also, is there anything I can do with the straight parts or do I just need to grow it out? I'm so lost

2 Answers

With the straight parts, you most likely need to grow them out and cut them off. To help with the dryness you should use the loc methid when your twist outs or braid out. Also you should deep condition, I don't think it matters what product it is- currently I use deep conditioners from shea moisture and they work out pretty good.
I recently went through a similar experience. After four years of growing out my hair I had a color done in a salon (a very high end salon that was recommended by multiple people) and they fried my hair. Mind you my hair is always color treated, but I do it myself and it NEVER had damage like that before. I went darker, but it felt like they stripped it with bleach... and they screwed up my color to boot. In one afternoon they ruined my hair.. it was heartbreaking.Take a close look at the hair.. is it splitting? Breaking? (gently separate and lift it in little sections, breakage can hide in curl clumps).. if so it's probably toast. Do you see "puffy" spots.. look there for splitting. My ends were a total loss, and a 4" chop was my only option. I also have a 4-5" section in the middle of my hair (about level with my ears) that is in very bad shape. Nothing I have done has helped that but I'm unwilling to chop that high, so I'm living with it for now. If it's not to that point you can repair it to a point.. but it will never be the same. You can't "heal" it.. only try to rebuild some of the bonds. Careful use of protein helped mine tremendously (and I'm usually protein sensitive so that was a surprise), combined with tons of moisture and TLC. I found I had to change my routine completely and use much richer products than before.. I could never cowash for more than once between shampoos but suddenly my hair loved it. Unfortunately my scalp is still voting "no". Pre poo oil treatment was an every wash necessity. I found it needed oil or a heavy shea butter leave in on the ends, that really helped with moisture retention, and I needed to bring it up higher on the hair shaft than before. For multi day hair I almost need my ends to be on the greasy side the first day. It simply can't handle heat like it used to, and I see a major effect when I straighten, even with the best heat protectants and serums and the lowest temperatures... I really have to baby it now. It took weeks.. probably three months before it was evenly curly.. but my curl did return, so there is hope. Big hug.. and best of luck.