How do I get my fix heat damage while have low porosity hair?

I am currently transitioning back to natural hair from straightening it for many years. I have a little bit of heat damage, not as much as I expected, but a somewhat noticeable damage. The heat damage is mostly in the middle of my head and contains loose curls, compared to the tight 3B-ish curls in the back and around my head. I learned that protein treatments worked really well to reverse heat damage and I did just use one yesterday. I also learned that protein isn't good for low porosity hair, however, my hair did react well to the protein; I got better curls in the middle and it is softer than usual.Long story short, I was wondering if I can continue to use my protein treatment or if I should use products that are better for LP hair. I definitely want to reverse the heat damage but don't know what to use.

1 Answer

Hello! I also have heat damaged, low porosity hair. If you want to continue using your protein treatments, maybe do them sparingly(because as you know, protein is not recommended for low-porosity hair) I recommend maybe sealing your hair with coconut oil to keep your hair from drying out. I try to use lightweight hair products(hair milks, oils) to keep my hair moisturized.