How do i get all of my hair to curl like my new growth - transition

I relaxed my hair for almost 15 years and decided I am ready to go natural. I haven’t relaxed my hair in about 10 months and have been wearing box braids, microbraid extensions and thing of the sort as a protector. I don’t want to chop my hair, and figured the relaxer would die out on it own or break off on its down little by little? Is that true? After almost a full year, my new growth gets very curly when wet but the end of the hair (about a inch and a half of it) doesn’t curl up like the roots. I have had one small trim of the split ends about 2 months ago. What does this mean?  I think this texture is 4c.

1 Answer

Your transition right now, and the end bit are the old hair (relaxed, damaged hair). Unfortunately, the hair won't die out or fall out at one point you have to cut the relaxed, damaged hair. But if you're still not ready to big chop and you wan to continue to  transition,  you can do protective style that curls your hair like Bantu knots out, twist out, flat twist our or braid out.Hope this helps.