How do I get my hair back? (And what do I do in the meantime?)

Please help me get my curls back!I used to have beautiful, long curls, but I went through the phase, as most curly teenagers do, where I spent a year of my life straightening it daily. Without heat protectant. So now I want those curls back and I'm pretty screwed. I spent a while trying to wear it naturally but it was so bad, that I sucked it up and cut it. The stylist (and the internet) told me that it would be the only way to get my natural hair to curl back up and, because it's summer, it will grow back quickly. It looks like absolute garbage short, and I've tried everything. It is too thick and weird to be short like this. I am keeping it super healthy, so eventually it will grow, hopefully be back to normal. What do I do in the meantime? The only way it looks decent is if I braid it, and I'm worried if I do that all the time it will ruin the pattern. The picture I've included is the best it can look-- I haven't been taking pictures like this.There are also two of my hair before. Also, I don't dye my hair. Please help! Thank you so much.

1 Answer

First of all, you are adorable! Also, there are several ways you can get your hair to grow a bit faster than usual, there are many supplements but the easiest way is the inversion method, I tried it and my hair grew about three quarters of an inch in a week, that's more than it typically grows in a month! Give it a whirl and see if you like it. Best of luck!