I have 75% 3A Curly & 25% straight damaged ends mostly to Canopy. I curl the damaged ends. Help!

I did not do a BIG chop (i think this means pixie haircut), but I did do a MEDIUM chop (went for a neck-length short bob).  I wanted to cut off most of the damaged ends that I could handle without freaking-out. Took 5 or 6 inches off - yikes!  So now I am left with about 75% 3A curls & about 25% straight dead ends.  For 2 weeks, i was doing well following Lorriane Massey's Curly Girl method.  But then I couldn't help but feel ugly with my straight ends, so I curled them on low heat (#15 on an Jilberee 1/2 iron that can heat up to #30).  Am i doing ok so far?  Or am I never going to escape the curling iron?! Help!  Would love some honest feedback as I am dedicated to having beautiful wash & go curly hair eventually!!!  Help me break away from the shackles of the damn curling iron!!!

2 Answers

If you can live without the curling iron that's better. And if you can bring yourself, maybe after another month of growth, to cut off those damaged ends, that would be really great. It's hard, but you might like the new look! And your hair will feel SOOOOO much better.
Cutting off your ends will be kind of shocking at first, but your hair will grow so much quicker, so you won't be stuck with a super short cut for too long. Trust me when I tell you it's worth it. Just rip the band-aid off!!!