How do I know this if this is my natural curl pattern?

The last time I relaxed my hair was on 2010. I stopped because I wanted my wavy hair back. But frizzy, unmoving, dull and hay-like poofy hair is what I started to get. My wavy hair is gone and replaced by something very very unknown to me lol. So I opted for heat styling - ironed straight and often ironed straight THEN curled with a wand. This went on until just a few months ago when i suddenly wanted my natural hair again. And this time I wanted to put effort and patience into making it happen. It's my first time to use prodducts to bring out my curls - Marc Anthony curl envy cream & (recently) Marc Anthony curl defining lotion. I use them individually but found it best to use them both - when wet (lotion) then when damp (cream). I also started cowashing a few weeks ago but shampooed once a week.Albeit my hair being just wavy when I was young, I observed that I have curlier hair now (2c with 2b underneath). But the big question(s) is, is this really my natural hair now(2c hair instead of the big waves when I was young)? And despite not relaxing my hair anymore for a very long time but hair was damaged by heat, am I still transitioning? Sorry didn't meant to make it this long lol. Hope you guys can help me with this so curious and interested to embrace my curly hair!

1 Answer

Your hair pattern may have changed during puberty and you didn't noticed it with all the relaxing and straightening. So what you are seeing now might indeed be your true pattern. As you have heat damage you are sort of transitioning from damage to healthier, if the ends are to damage is best to cut them to let the rest of the hair curl better and give it a fresh start.