How do I maintain my curly styles over night?

How do i make my braid outs last over night on my transitioning from heat damage 4C hair? I work in a professional journalism job, and if I'm styling my hair it needs to look on point. The fuzzy 3 day hair was cool when I was in College, but not any more.Any tips on how to maintain bantu knot outs/ braid outs and roller sets with out re-setting the hair?I'm having to style all the time and I'm finding it really time consuming. My roots really show and I'm trying to blend two textures- but I can't seem to style over 2 days at least. 

3 Answers

If your hair is long enough and it works for you, you can pineapple. If not, you can re-twist, re-braid, or re-knot the hair at night (I don't have experience with maintaining a curly roller set, but if its a straighter look, meaning your roots are straighter to match the rest of your hair, you could try wrapping the hair). I haven't found a way around redoing the style to sleep in if I want it to look freshly styled the next day. You may, however, be able to do larger sections than the original style (maybe combine 2-4 or more depending on the original size each section) and still get a good result. That's the only cheat I've found. I've had success with saving a flat twist-out with big loose flat twists over night and my braid-outs have been saved with bigger loose braids too. They don't have to be so neat or as tight as the first styling, just try to keep the original sections, meaning, don't comb through just regroup existing curls and pieces into larger twist, braids, etc. I usually wouldn't add more product unless my hair was dry or my style was looking a little messy at the end of the day. If you don't do so already, you can wear a satin cap or scarf over your hair to help keep the style tidy.If you find a few curls are out of place in the morning, you can pin them away to hide or camouflage them. Even if your hair is not really long you can get some ideas from YouTube for short natural updos that you can go to when your style is on its last leg.I hope that helps!
The struggle of 2nd day hair! Based on your hair type, I would recommend watching videos by Naptural85. She has great video tutorials on how to get the best twistout or braidout overnight. Although I have 3b curls, I watch and learn from her videos all the time! Sometimes you just need to experiement with what she does on the weekends so you can perfect your look during the work week and have a no hassle, professional look! 
Something like this might work for preserving a style (see video).