how can I make my hair more alive and have tighter curls?

my hair seems to be so dry and deaf within a few days. Because of that I don't like showing my naturally hair. How can I get my hair to look more alive and also have tighter curls? Please help!!!!!

1 Answer

Get plenty of moisture. Get protein (especially if you've been chemically/color treated and or have heat damage). Many curlier like Aphogee protein treatment and then use a deep conditioner weekly or more. I like the Superfruit 10 in 1 from Shea Moisture. And on a daily  basis your hair is better off if you can use shampoo without sulfates (shea moisture has several great options) and use a conditioner to "wash" with in between shampoos. And then avoid silicones in your conditioners/stylers/leave in products! Those things have made a huge difference for me and many curlies! It's all part of the Curly Girl Method!