I have Been Natural For A Year And I Want To Know Why My Edges Aren't natural looking ?

I always see natural girls edges looking Curly And Slicked Or Whatever. And Mine Look Like Others (kind Of Relaxed I guess ) but parts of my edges are like baby hair . And Their Thinning Too

2 Answers

Do you brush your edges a lot....For thinning edges I recommend Dr. Miracles temple and nape balm. When I was in college I got really sick and my hair was thinning and breaking. This product definitely helped my edges grow back quickly and strongly once I was better.
What do you mean by your edges aren't natural looking? If you have suffered from traction alopecia a conditon caused by tight and  taunt styling, it could mean that your edges is thinner and permanently damaged. If your hair is in the begining stages of this, I highly suggest that you stop wearing weaves, cornrows and other styles that may be far too tight for your hair. To help regrow what is there and strengthen it, I recommend using Jamaican Black Castor Oil or just plain castor oil on your temples daily. It can grow back but it will take some time.