I need advice. Please help

I've been transitioning for 15 months and i'm tired of dealing with 2 textures. I've been getting my hair flat ironed every other week but my sister is saying that I should let it grow and cut periodically (she didn't transition she big chopped ASAP). I'm also considering getting box braids in a few weeks and when I take them out I want to big chop. Should I wait longer or cut at my next appointment? Any advice is helpful.

1 Answer

Most people say that you'll know when it's time to cut your hair, so if you're second guessing yourself, I would  guess you aren't quite ready. That being said, if you feel like you've gotten the length you wanted and you don't really see any reason to not big chop....it would probably be easier to just cut your hair. At any rate, you should still be getting regular trims.Also, if you aren't going to cut your hair then I would definitely go with the braids since straightening your hair (especially that often) increases your damage (or at least your chance to damage your hair) and it seems like it would be a bummer to transition from relaxer just to have to transition from heat damage.