I need to find out what my hair type is on 7 months transitioning hair?

I need help on finding out what my hair type as I'm transitioning and so it can help me find out what products I need to use when I'm fully natural. Currently I find find curls on the inside of my head and at the front and back that for corkscrew curls and very tight curls but it doesn't seen to be that way for some parts of my hair maybe it's because I've been transitioning for 7 months??? I don't have any pictures of my hair now as I haven't taken any but I have pictures of then I was younger to help find out what my hair type is!!! Please help me??

2 Answers

It's hard to tell the hair type in the pictures, past it seeming to maybe be type 4. It should be mentioned that baby/childhood pictures aren't a great way to determine your hair type now. A lot of people experience a change in their hair as they get older, especially after going through puberty (or another event resulting in changes in hormone level, among other things).
A picture would be best to help you.