I need help defining my curls

my hair type is 2a so it's mostly straight. I want to transition into curly hair and don't know what products to use. So can somebody give me a list of products or techniques that can help my hair become naturally curly. ( I want my curls to kinda be like the girl in the picture which is 3b hair) 

1 Answer

Have you tried plopping and pixiecurl diffusing?  I have started putting in my gel while my hair is really wet, then I plop for 15 mins. Then, I take out the plop and air dry for a bit. Then, I pixiecurl diffuse.  I have to add some more gel throughout the process, as it is hard to tell if I got it evenly distributed when it is so wet. My hair seems way curlier with these methods than anything I have tried in the past.