Do I need to do a sulfate shampoo wash before I restart CG?

I started the CG method about a year and a half ago. I ended up doing a low-poo for my 2b hair, so I still haven't used any products with sulfates/silicones. I want to go back to using a conditioner for my scalp, but I'm not sure if I need to do "one last" sulfate shampoo wash. Also, should I expect an extended transition period? When I started CG a while ago, my hair was greasy/gummy for about 6 weeks :/ 

1 Answer

Hi Surbhz94, You shouldn't have that long of a transition period this time around, since your scalp is used to a lower grade of sulfates. I would do one last clarifying shampoo wash just to give yourself a fresh start. It won't hurt. Clarifying shampoos are actually good for your overall pH balance of the hair, so I'd recommend doing those every couple of months if you're going to co-wash. Especially when you feel like your hair is getting too greasy, has too much buildup, or is looking dull. Here's a good article that can help: that helps!