I have noticed my new growth is very curly how is this possible, as I am not mixed.

Hi, I am thinking of transitioning and haven't relaxed my hair in about 3months+. My parents are fully black (African Nigerian) and I grow hair quickly, I am 14 years old. I have relaxed hair past shoulder length. My hair is very brittle and damaged with split ends. I noticed my new growth was a bit curly when dry. I decided to put water only on my new growth  to see my texture with no product and it was extremely Curly, it looked almost like biracial hair, it was very soft however the other part of my hair that wasn't wet (relaxed part) was very dry and brittle. I fell in love with the curly texture. Is this possible or am I just being happy for no reason lol. Could it be due to my hair being relaxed or maybe hormones as I am growing up(Puberty). Also my new growth texture is not like that all of my head some parts are tighter. But it's mostly Curly new growth all over my head. I have a picture that I found on google of how my new growth looks like when wet, however when my hair is dry it is not as curly as the picture. Thanks, Gloria.

2 Answers

That's just how your hair is :) its beautiful, when you cut the relaxed ends off it might shrink up a bit. 
looks like my texture which is actually 4a-3c My father is nigerian and my mother is haitian both immigrants with coarse hair However I have longer curlier hairAll i can say is although this is unusual it is not necessarily rare Some people experience texture changes as they grow older For example as a child your hair as well as mine may have been or was a lot more kinkier but it eventually naturally loosened with age and environmental changes