How can I recover my original curl pattern?

I started transitioning my heat damaged in August of last year and I started to notice that my curls don't look the way they used to. My hair used to be around 3c and 4a before it got damaged, now it looks kind of wavy, and I have never relaxed my hair before. 

2 Answers

Well , I didn't have this problem . But you could watch some yt videos. Most of them say that you should cut your hair and start from beginning , use deep conditioners at least once a week and have patience it will come back with time.Hope I help at least  little bit
I went through the same thing you're going through, I'm still going through it... It's going to take a while it's been about 9 months. I am still trying to get my curl pattern back. But like CurlyNella said your best bet is to do the big chop and start fresh but keep in mind even doing that you might still need to cut more off when it grows because whatever hair you left after you chop it off that has to come off too. But other than going bald which I didn't want to do you will have to eventually cut that part off as well. Now my hair I am getting my curls back, but there is one part smack in the middle where men get their bald spot that part of my hair is not cooperating with me, still growing out rough, brittle, dry, and barely any curl to it. But the rest of my hair is getting there... The problem now lays with treating it to keep it moisturized, and healthy I was using Carols Daughter Monoi repairing line with the exception of the shampoo I used the Hair Milk cleansing conditioner. It helped a lot when I first cut it but then realized I had to cut more off because I couldn't stand the pointed ends that wouldn't curl anymore at all. Once I cut a lot more off I started using Devacurl products, I liked them but not the styling products didn't like how it made my hair feel afterward. Now I am still using Devacurl cleansing conditioner, but I am using Gliss repair conditioner and CD Monoi hair mask. For products, I use CD Hair Milk leave in moisturizer and Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie. I still have one final cut to make before I leave my hair alone to finally let them continue to grow. Anyways sorry for this lonnen GGG response, I like to ramble which is why I named my blog my rambling reviews