I relaxed my hair 4 months ago. and wanna go natural but my hair is damaged what are good products?

But I don't want a big chop I always just get the ends cut little by little but what products are recommended for transitioners?

1 Answer

Here are few questions to ask yourself when thinking about being relaxer free. One, what is your reason? Two, will you have enough time to take care of your hair? If you're not personally able to do it, are you willing to pay a licensed cosmetologist to give you guidance. A lot of women think that by 'going natural' it's an easier process. It takes time and also, the hair goes through various stages. Since I'm not aware of what your hair currently looks like, my best advice to you would to visit a licencedsed cosmetologist who's has a passion about the health of your hair and also assist you along your hair care journey. I hope this helps! ;-)