What can I do to repair bleached hair?

will using the aphogee 2 step protein treatment help bring back my curls? I understand I'll never really be able to get them back. My hair used to be 2c/3a/3b but now since I did ombre it's a mix of 2b/2c/3a. Will using protein daily help my hair too? I got the aphogee green tea and keratin reconstructer to use as a leave in. I only went about 2 levels lighter on my already colored hair which had little damage before bleaching. My stylist also cut 1-2 inches of hair off in some places and put some odd layers in so my curls aren't forming like usual. Also my hair is fine and low porosity on the dark parts and medium/high on the light parts. Thanks! Please help! 

1 Answer

bleached hair is dead weak hair that doesn't have body or elasticity . You would definitely have to chop off ends and get deep-conditioner treatments weekly to bring it back to a healthier stage . Bleaching cause brokerage or even sometimes shedding . My best advice is , moisturize , condition , and trim ends . Good luck !