Can I still restore my curl pattern?

Ok so I used to get perms all the time since like age 6. But I never left them in long because my scalp felt like it was burning. My hair has been poofy and straight my whole life. No hint of a curl whatsoever. But in 8th grade, my right side got a bit crinkly. The left side is barely wavy. The right side Is nowhere as crinkly as my new growth, but just a little. The left side is hopeless. In November 2014, I stopped getting perms. I've been using deep conditioners and I think the right side is SLOWLY getting better. Not so sure about the left side(side question:when I comb it out it gets wavy-straight is that normal?)So the question is...can I still fully restore my curl pattern? Has it been possible without the big chop? And what would I use to encourage this?

1 Answer

my mom put texturizer in my hair and instead of loosing my curls it made my hair straight how do i get my curly hair back