How Can I Restore my hair so I can have a healthy transition

Hi Everyone, I am a 16 year old girl transitioning and it has been a year so far and I have some difficulties. The bottom half of my head is a way different texture than the rest of my head. Also it seems as if the crown of my head doesn't have a curl pattern, most of the hair is still straight with no apparent new growth (well at least I don't believe there is). Another thing I noticed is that the past couple of times I have washed my hair, my relaxed (damaged) ends have been getting really knotted and it results in a large amount of breakage. I also want to disclose (since I find it would be helpful) is that I do blow dry my hair but only on low or cold air and here is why. I know most of you will disagree with the heat but i use it to dry and then I braid my hair in a protective style and it stays in that protective style for 2 weeks since i wash my hair every two weeks. It makes it easier for me to detangle and I have been using leave-in-conditioner and heat protectant while doing and I haven't experienced breakage until after my one year transition. If anyone can please help, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for taking the time to read this and God Bless/Happy Holidays. :)

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