How do I retain moisture during transition?

I am currently transitioning back to natural hair, I have been natural since June. I have a really hard time retaining moisture in my hair after about the second day. My hair does enjoy the Eden Bodyworks coconut products, the Briogeo leave in conditioner and I am using the Trader Joe's tea tree shampoo and conditioner. I just started using the raw shea butter from Shea Moistures so I don't know for sure if my hair enjoys it. My hair also enjoys coconut oil but I think it could be drying my hair out. Is there any suggestions on what I should do to keep my hair moisturized through your the week without having to apply water? Any shampoo, conditioner, leave in, deep  conditioner, and oil suggestions?

1 Answer

Water is the source of moisture, so don't depend so heavily on products. Some products can impart moisture, but will go an extra mile when you spray with water first.But your foundation should definitely be a good deep conditioner! If you're having trouble keeping moisture in even after a good, weekly deep condition, you may want to start LOC/LCO-ing your hair. If you already do this, try some heavier products. Your hair may be too dense for the products and may be to light (although this may not be the case). Coconut oil has rather small molecules and it is a bit smaller,  so it's light. I think you should start with a heavier oil, and if that doesn't help you retain moisture throughout the week, try heavier products.Also, you may want to start wearing more protective styles? If you are wearing your hair out a lot, the moisture may be drifting out into the hair and being absorbed by your clothes. Try buns or twist and keeping your hair off your collar as well.Good Luck!