Heat damaged natural 4c hair. Should I relax it or transition?

I have heat damaged hair, which is short. What curlers should I use? perm rods? I have no clue. I currently have some small, thin sponge rollers, but maybe perm rods would be better? Also, should I relax my heat damaged ends? Or just keep wearing braidouts/ curly styles?

1 Answer

ok , I should tell you that heat damage should be cut of emediatley.  If you keep it in for too long , it could damage your new growth . PLEASE do NOT relax damaged ends , it will just cause your hair to break off and we don't want that. If you don't want to cut it off , I say you should just keep wearing curlers and braid outs until you are 100% comfortable cutting it off . Your hair will be healthier  once you cut it