I started transitioning since December and do you guys have any suggestion and helpful tips please ?

Any deep conditioning ideas, protein treatment, protective styles too. Also, need help with my hair type too.

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Three things worked best for me, the first two were & still are, vitamins & a diet change! Get yourself some multivitamins, prenatal, or specific for hair/skin/nails. Increase your water & protein intake. Decrease your sugar/refined carbs/salt/caffeine intake as much as you can. All this will make sure your new growth comes in at it's optimal health & strength.The 3rd was know when to big-chop! When your old hair begins to damage your new growth, cut it off! I found about a year into my transition, my old hair was tangling & looked ratty.I tried buns, braids, & twists, but towards the end, detangling was taking 30 mins & I was pulling hamster-sized hairballs out of my head in the process. And there would be breakage all over my bathroom sink when I finished. Although I didn't want to lose the length, I knew my new hair would be better in the long run if I simply cut off the old. So I did & have never looked back!From the pic, I would say one of the 4s, simply from the tightness of the curl, but it's hard to when you're transitioning. I'd try products recommended for them & see how your hair responds. A final note, you may have to use different products for your new & old hair. I found using the same products left one part greasy & the other part moisturized or vice versa, one part dry & the other part moisturized. Not having to deal with a barrage of products & techniques definitely help affirm my decision to big chop!
Deep condition twice a week. Co wash and finger detangle with conditioner while your hair is wet. Shampoo once or twice a week. If your hair is very dry, shampoo once a month.
10 tips for transitioning natural hair -Miix Mii. I attached the video.