I stopped using heat a year and a half ago and started using natural products but hair still damaged

My hair has been heat damaged, bleached for as long as i can remember. I did a "big chop" shoulder length. My hair is between 3A and 3B, sometimes im not even sure what my type is. One year and a half ago i stopped using heat and started using natural hair products, masks, oils and sulfate free shampoos. It did made an improvement on my scalp but i dont see a much of a diference on my hair for a whole year and a half. My hair is straight/wavy on the little bit of new growth but curly kinky on the damaged areas whici is basically most of my hair. My edges are super damaged and i cannot expalin why because its new growth and the rest of my hair is growing straight. Is it too early to ask for results or is my hair just not wanting to transition? I am especially concerned about my edges, is there anything i can do for them that isnt just laying them flat with gel or edge control?(Photo shows my edges, i have jbco applied so thats why it has a "wet" appearance)

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