Why do I have super curly hair underneath and next to flat hair on top of my head??

What I mean by curly on bottom and straight on top is underneath my hair by my ears and nape of my neck my hair is very curly, but from the middle of my head up to the top, all the hair is straight. I had very curly wurly hair when I was at a very young age but then it waves out as it grew and as I was straightening and styling it to death as a teenager. Last year, randomly, my hair decided to curl again. I've been trying to work it so that my whole head has the same type of hair, generally. It's frustrating because I either need to straighten the bottom half of my head or curl the top half. Has anybody see dealt with this type of hair?

1 Answer

it may be that your hair is too heavy, so all of the hair on bottom is being weighted down and flatted by the hair on top. try a product that will help curl your hair.