I can't afford braids/weaves & don't know how to braid. I'm ½ yr in , but how do I blend 2 textures?

I'm 16 & ½ year in the transitioning process. I don't know where to go for natural hair care nor can I find support. Everyone around me says I need to perm my "nappy hair" but I'm tired of perms. I just need support and guidance. I don't want to big chop even though I do have 3 inches of new growth. My head is not shaped for it to be that short. I need serious help.

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Ok, so it seems that you are transitioning to being natural. First off, CONGRATULATIONS!!
Hi! I would love to help. Do not be discouraged and give up! My little sister who is 14 is now transitioning, as well. I've been natural all my life. I've had my hair braided and twisted in styles that broke off my hair (like, senegalese twists, kinky twists, microbraids) & flat ironed every two weeks for 3 1/2 years. I just decided to stop and take care of my hair & keep it in its natural state. I've been doing this for about 4 years now. We're close in age, I'm 19. I also have been helping friends start their journey (sometimes, I even do their hair on their wash days). There are simple styles you can do to help blend your damaged hair and your natural texture. My favorite is the bantu knot. I did my mine on wet hair, instead of blow drying out my hair, to prevent any more heat damage on my hair. Because you're struggling with braids, and believe me, I did too, twist styles may suit you better. This site is PERFECT to educate yourself on how to take care of your hair. When I stopped heat styling my hair & decided to go natural, I went to Youtube and this site to learn how to do different styles and learn proper care for my hair. You'll need good moisturizing products, too. When your hair grows some more, you'll need to cut the damaged ends off to protect your new growth, so the hair shaft doesn't continue to split or break.Beauty supply stores, like Sally's, Target, and Walmart have products to aid your hair back to health. You can look more into products like Sheamoisture, Aunt Jackie's, Cantu, and As I Am. Of course there are more, but those products tend to be less expensive than others and last longer. You will have to go through trial & error with some products. Being a 3c/4a, you won't need heavy products, but anything too light will do you no justice. Even cocktailing or layering products can be a hassle. Sometimes, two products won't work well together. Youtube video reviews are good for that, too. You''ll even come across more natural hair blog sites that have reviews for products and more!Oh & next time someone calls your hair nappy, ignore it. This journey is all about self-love and becoming whole. There is no need to look a standard way. You are beautiful as you are. I hope I helped, at least a little. You'll always have support here. Good luck!