I think my hair is secretly curly. What type am I and what do I do?

I was raised by a person with finer, straight hair. Bless her, she tried, but I grew up thinking my hair was just odd. Not curly, not wavy, not straight, just fleffh. That's all I can describe it as, fleffh. However, I have noticed some strange things about it over time. It is much coarser than the hair of any other white person I know. It regularly injures me and my boyfriend (cuddling is hard), because it's the texture of a copper wire you'd use to make very fine jewelry. Not an exaggeration, you could use this stuff as a weapon (and when I was getting bullied in school I sometimes did ;) try to explain to the teacher that "ANNA HIT ME WITH HER HAIR" - it's the perfect crime) and after a haircut I'm always getting stabbed in the shoulders and neck by it. It's an odd point of pride for me just how thick and strong the individual strands are, but also sometimes a little bit of a PITA.It has always curled up into ringlets when it gets damp. When I was a baby, after a nap I'd look like Little Orphan Annie with ringlets everywhere, especially at the nape of my neck, but when it would dry or get brushed it would just sort of fleffh again. When I pull it back into a ponytail and there's any sort of moisture or humidity, I get these kinky ringlets shooting out everywhere and a halo of frizz is always present, no matter how much I straighten it, unless I slick it down with a LOT of protein gel or waxy pomades, at which point it looks gross and like I haven't ever washed it in my life.Braiding, twisting (I just found out the thing I used to do as a kid and teen to wrangle my hair has a name! Bantu twists! Crazy! I grew up in a sundown town, I'm still learning), plopping (that has a name too!) can all result in lovely curly hair - SOMETIMES - but curls from irons don't usually hold, and my hair tends to go straight and limp after a few hours if I use heat. Blow drying (even just partially) turns me LITERALLY into bozo the clown, except my friendly orange halo is hiding razors. I wish it would just go full fro, I could work with that, but it's just a very odd, matted, crazy fluff monster.It can range from lank and straight-ish to lovely and wavy all the way to loose, marker-width corkscrews (although my hair is incredibly heavy, so the corskrews sort of exist only at the root and the ends) depending on how it's handled, what products I use, if the weather is right, the stars align, I'm at the right part of my cycle, and eat a good diet.What the heck do I call my hair? And how do I get it to be poofy and bouncy and curly like I know it should be?I've attached as many photos of my different types of hair days as I could find.

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