I think I have 2C-3A hair. Just started using devacurl. My curls are defined but frizzier than ever

I am new to natural hair since I have (almost) always straightened it. I really want to make my curls work but this frizz is out of control! Chia pets aint got nothing on me! lol.ok seriously please helpI started using devacurl and am tempted to use other products but too afraid to mess my hair even more. 

1 Answer

If you are just starting out with the CG method, you really have to be patient. You are pretty much retraining your hair. It will definitely be more frizzy as your scalp balances out and begins to produce the right amount of oils for your hair. Make sure you clarified your hair before starting the CG method, and moisturize like crazy! Do not rinse out all of the DevaCurl One Condition. My favorite product of all time is that conditioner, I love using it as a leave in as well. If you always straightened your hair, it most likely is damaged and in need of protein. Try deep conditioning protein masks once a week. Make sure it includes a healthy oil like coconut or olive oil. Youtube has a ton of great videos to watch and learn. Good Luck!