I think I transitioning different and a can't relate to anyone, I need advice!

I'm in my 7month of transitioning, I think I'm transitioning completly different from everyone on internet, I didn't do the big shop  but I used to have a straight pixie cut so I let my hair grow with that hair and when it started to curl again, started appearing limp hair mix with a little wave, and I have more hair in one side of my head than the other part (the part where I lay my head to sleep) the part with more hair have 3B curls now with a lot of definition but the other part needs a lot of help, sometime have life of they own and doesn't curl at all and the hair in my forehead have very define 3B curl also, so before I shave a side of my head, I'm gonna sleep without a pillow for a whole week just to see if helps. What should I do?? Should I take Biotin??

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