i think the permed hair is weighing it down? but my hair WON'T hold water/moisture. help?

its so discouraging. i know someone will say "cut your hair" or "don't straighten so much" but i only straighten once a week if i plan to go out, & i'm not BC ready. my natural hair from top to middle layer WON'T curl ,it becomes very wavy & frizzy, & it won't hold water. making it even frizzier

2 Answers

So the ends of your hair are permed? And you're wondering why the top part of your hair won't curl? It's hard to say. The heat damage might be part of the problem. Are you deep conditioning once a week? You might kinda be stuck until you're ready to cut off the permed ends.
When you say permed do you mean actually permed (chemical curling) or relaxed (chemical straightening). It sounds like heat damage though:/ ... I just kept deep conditioning. Even with my straight ends off my hair was wavy and frizzy.